Our game is based on click and point in a narrative context about a boy (the player)'s adventure. There will be 5 levels and each level has one scene with various of NPCs. The boy interacts with them, such as making decisions, picking up and dragging flowers. Thus, there will be a number of clickable, draggable objects and dialogues in the game. In the end, the boy will find the secret of his mother. This demo is created based on our setting for level 2:

Level 2 (Anger): Meet the Bear NPC. He is grumpy and will not let players pass. In this scene, player may click and drag a beehive sprite to the bear. This will then give the player 2 choices: Either give honey to the bear or chuck the beehive at him to knock him out. After giving honey, bear will thank player and let them pass. But he will also tell player that this doesn't change anything. If player throws the hive, the scene will fade to black and a bloody punch sound will be heard. The scene fades back into a creepier/darker version of the original scene and the hurt/bloody bear will say that the player cannot escape from their actions.

Made withUnity