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Game Design 1 Assignment: Stencyl Demo: Survive at OCAD.


My Stencyl Demo called Survive at OCAD. In this game, the player needs to shoot "assignments" and "final" to win points and also need to prevent colliding with "Deadline", just like the way we survive at ocad. Shooting each "assignment" wins 1 point and "final" wins 3 points. You will win when the point is 10 and game over if you collide with "Deadline". The player in this my demo is a boy with a gun and he has 4-way movement rather than side-to-side; he always faces the mouse and shoot towards the direction of it, so the movement is more flexible. I also set the "event" that "assignments", "final" and "Deadline" will be created randomly in any places between a couple of seconds to make the game more excited.

Ideally, Survive at OCAD works like this: https://vimeo.com/183434004, (a screencap for this demo), but sometimes, when the game has reloaded a lot of times, there is a bug that some actors like"assignments"cannot come out or they burst out and full of screen. I have checked my ''event" setting a lot of times and didn't find the mistake, so maybe there is something wrong with the Flash player. So, if that happened, just quit and reopen it.

My demo is greater than 16MB and cannot be published on Stencyl, so I publish it here: https://anran.itch.io/survive-at-ocadu.

How to play:

  • use Arrow keys to move the player.
  • click and shoot towards the direction of mouse.
  • shoot "Assignment": 1 point; shoot "Final": 3 points.
  • get 10 points, you win!
  • player collides with "Deadline", game over.